An Ideal Present!

“A memorable portrait is the result of a happy collaboration between two eyes – the eye of the camera and the eye of the photographer. This collaboration, when successful, leads to the capturing of something essential and durable in the portrait of the person being photographed. Dominic Lee’ of Priory Studios has many such moments in his “Out of Your Tree” book, serious, funny, unforgettable. Pure delight.” Prof. Brendan Kennelly, Trinity College, Dublin


The book titled “Out of Your Tree” contains over 100 black & white images of people practising their hobbies: An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern making hanging baskets; Padraig Harrington playing space invaders; Tracy Piggot roller blading; Sr Stan Kennedy fly fishing in the Liffey, to name but a few. Other well-known names include Roy Keane, Sharon Corr, Joe Duffy, Bernadette Greevy, Norma Smurfit, and Brendan Grace along with many not so famous but equally interesting people.


Priory Studios has generously offered to donate all the proceeds from the sale of this book to the Central Remedial Clinic


In order to maximise proceeds to the CRC we are offering the following advance order option: -


The Launch of the book is on Wednesday, 26th October at 5.30 pm in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle by An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern. Also among the guests are Sharon Corr, Deirmuid Gavin.


Click here to download an order form. of Your Tree order.pdf