A facial – 2 -3 months prior to Big Day


Some advise to go for a facial a week or two before d-day. Bad idea. A facila will typically cleanse the skin of all its toxins drawing out any impurities from under the skins surface. This may lead to a breakout of spots. A facial should be done approximately 2-3 months beforehand as it takes 6 weeks for a spot to heal completely.

Invest in some good face creams.
Try to stick to a strict cleansing regime, day and night.
Drink plenty of water – 8 glasses a day.
Avoid greasy or fatty foods.
Take regular exercise.

We have all heard of these time and time again but unfortunately, there is no substitution for these tried and tested rules.

It is worth splashing out on a body exfoliator and firming cream. These need not be very expensive but if incorporated into your shower regime twice a week, you will be amazed at the suppleness of your baby soft skin.

And what about our constant pursuit for that sunkissed glow? Bring back the Victorian attitude when pale skin was seen as much en vogue as the flawless St Tropez tan. In the meanwhile, we have a couple of options:

A course of ten sunbeds costs x

There are many false tans on the market. WeddingsIreland.com have investigated the products available – the DIY options and the salon treatments.


Of course there is always the celebrity method of getting a tan just before the big day – a week’s break in the sun will give you the real mccoy while your PA’s, agents and wedding planners do all the organisation and worrying for you!