9 things men do

9 things men do


1. Not lifting the toilet when going for a pee. Typical.


2. Say ‘I will do it later’ any time you need something sorted (that could mean next wee, next year or even never)


3. Asking where their underwear is. Someone needs a secretary to keep track on their boxershorts?


4. They never, ever want to go the doctor- If they ever agree to go to the GP, prepare for the worst.


5. Number 4 doesn’t keep them from treating every sign of cold as ‘the flu’. Any sneezing man with red nose has ‘the flu’ and will tell you how bad his flu is over and over again until you tell them to shut up and go to the doctor (their worst enemy).


6. Pretending they know about cars.


7. Pretending they are listening when they are not. The easiest way to prove this: ask him what he thinks about what you just said. He will not have a clue.


8. Driving with one hand, even though it has no specific purpose.


9. Finally, they can do all this things but bear in mind: Only one thing at the time!


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