5 wedding trends for 2008

WeddingsIreland.com presents five wedding trends that will mark 2008.


1- Keeping it green and ethical


White weddings were the fairytale stereotype but green is the colour of fashionable weddings. Measuring the carbon footprint of your big day will be top of the list for a growing number of couples this year.


But the issue is not only about sending recycled paper invitations and using sustainable materials†¦ a bigger issue of ethical weddings is also growing in popularity: think about using charity donations as favors, supporting local suppliers, renting a venue for a charitable or cultural cause, buying your gown in charity shops (or giving it to charity after the event)†¦


2- Civil ceremonies boom in Ireland


Those looking to tie the knot in Ireland and not necessarily interested in religious ceremonies don’t have to ‘emigrate’ anymore to have a civil service in a lovely venue. With the new law that came into effect in November 2007, couples marrying in Ireland can now choose their venue (with some restrictions) and forget dark and un-romantic registry offices.


According to the CSO, the number of civil marriages was over 22% of all marriages in 2006, five times higher than in 1996, when just under 6% of all marriages were civil ceremonies. 2008 will definitely see an increase in the number of couples choosing civil ceremonies in Ireland.


“The new laws are great news for Irish venues as it opens lots of new marketing options and it will encourage and for people from abroad wishing to have their wedding in Ireland so it will help with Irish tourism,” commented Wedding Planner Rosemarie Meleady of www.theweddingplanner.ie.


3- Weddings abroad


Weddings overseas are also a trend that will continue to grow in 2008, as couples look for different settings for their wedding day (most looking for some guaranteed sunshine!) and try to make a holiday of the event.


4- The Internet revolution


Too many friends from too many different places? Trying to organize them can be a challenge (even a nightmare) but with the help of the Internet and its many resources (wed-sites, blogs and even networking sites †¦) everybody can be kept on the loop of what’s happening with your wedding planning. Quick and effective. Some will even want to give up traditional invitations altogether†¦


5- Different honeymoons


Beach honeymoons are becoming more and more a thing of the past and 2008 will see a surge in the number of couples looking for exciting options for their honeymoon: from skiing in exclusive resorts to around the world trips, tours of South America or exploring South-East Asia.