5 Hot Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter wedding tips

Winter wedding tips

Summer, Autumn, and Spring are great seasons to have a wedding, but your wedding can be equally “hot” in Winter.

First consideration is the colour, or lack thereof. Reds and greens may be a good combo, but it is more seasonal than ideal. Less is better for winter, with silver and white crystal accents to add glamour and a touch of class into your winter wedding.

The second factor that has to be perfect is the flower decoration. No wedding is complete without flowers. This winter season, go with the trending white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses. White boutonnieres will look gorgeous with greenery or a simple white ribbon. Add some crystal embellishments for some sparkle.

Next, are the invitations. Because winter weddings will be held indoors, it will call for formal invitations. It will be best represented by the colours navy/blue and chocolate brown with hand calligraphy. A fresh idea would be to use thick frosted Plexiglas for the invitations.

There are also some excellent ideas for centerpieces. Because of the cold season, why not add warmth and romance to your wedding. You can bring the icy colours of the outdoors inside your venue! Fill vases with white branches and hang crystals in order to add some dramatic light reflection from the tables. Surround it with frosted  china glass to complete the winter look.

Music sets the mood of the wedding. Classical music on the piano is almost obligatory for the dinner's background music, however, you should try a more unexpected and fresh selection. You can opt to hire an acapella quartet for the reception, play jazz or hire a cellist for a twist.