5 ‘First Steps’ For Wedding Planning

You’re giddy with joy - you are getting married! Even through the rosy glow of romance you have the sense that a great big Life Event is barrelling down on you. Don’t panic; your first few decisions as an engaged couple can help prepare you for the really heavy-duty wedding planning that’s ahead.

1. Celebrate Your Engagement

In other words, make the most of the moment. Kiss one another a lot and don’t keep count. Do the happy “we’re engaged” dance. Write down in your journal or diary the details of your engagement moment. Snuggle together and talk about the marvellous things awaiting you (and don’t stop to critique anything!). Remember, there’s a reason for an engagement - it’s a time to start building a new relationship with each, learning how to negotiate and compromise, how to forgive and yes, even how to have an argument properly. It’s a time unlike any other in your lives. Savour it!

2. Give Your Parents the Happy News

Parents should be the first people to hear the happy news of your engagement, unless there is an estrangement. Ideally, tell them in person, together, and watch their faces light up when you share your joy. A video chat via the Internet can be an acceptable substitute for a face-to-face announcement if distance is a problem. Once the parents know, share the news with a few of your closest friends, especially those likely to be in your wedding party.

3. Get a Diary or Journal to Record Your Engagement

This is one of the first “together but separate” things of an engagement. In other words, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be should each have her or his own journal or diary. The journal will be where you will record memorable times as well as embarrassments, frustrations and “to-do” lists. Plus, writing something in a journal can give you time to cool down and think before blasting your partner over some conflict. After all, you don’t want to end this relationship before it really has a chance to get started, do you? Some experts advise that you can do your journaling online at any of the websites available for such use, but you may prefer to keep your private thoughts offline.

4. Let Everyone Know Your Good News

These days there are many ways to announce your engagement. You can put a notice in a local print publication, send out formal announcements via the post, or create a wedding website. Be careful if you choose the last option, however. Some Internet designers will charge as much as £250 to set up your wedding web website, while other companies offer you a basic site for free, just for registering. However you choose to distribute you announcement, be sure it includes the 5 W’s of good communication: Who, What, When, Where and Why.

5. Set Your Wedding Date

You’ll be surprised at how tough it will be to choose a good wedding date. For instance, it may be that the bride’s favourite relatives cannot come on one date or your desired wedding venue could be booked up on your chosen date; many are filled 18 months in advance. One thing’s for sure: you won’t be able to proceed with planning your wedding until you pick a date. So work at your first negotiation as a couple with cheerful hearts and generous spirits, and you’ll turn out fine.

PS Don’t forget - Lots of kisses and hugs make everything better.