42% of Grooms dieting for their Wedding Day

It’s a well known fact that women don’t take longer than men in the shower anymore. It’s a myth, like saying that women talk more or they like gossip more than men. Now, a survey by UK Wedding magazine reveals that men are also as interested as women in beautifying themselves for their wedding day.

It seems that today’s grooms want to catch up with the brides and be as beautiful and radiant as them on their big day. Men have become more fashion-conscious in general. That means that having the perfect bride is not enough anymore. The grooms also want a perfect white smile, a perfect tan and a perfect waist line.
All I can say is fair play to them. They will also have to be in the wedding pictures, after all! So they better look good. It was time for the boys to learn something from David Beckham, apart from kicking a ball. Exercising is obviously always good but some beauty tricks can do some magic.

According to the survey by Wedding magazine, men are becoming very keen on beauty treatments like skin care, dieting, teeth whitening and fake tan.
Wedding magazine surveyed 1,000 people, all in “marriageable” ages. They found out that weight is the grooms’ main concern, as 42% of the men interviewed will go on a diet before their wedding day. Also, 12% wanted to whiten their teeth for their big day and 8% wish to get a fake tan.

Wedding survey also discovered that couples usually get in trouble with their wedding budgets. Apparently, the average British couple plans to spend over 10,000 pounds for their wedding day but most of them end up spending 6,400 pounds more than they expected. Sounds very similar to stories we hear in Ireland where the average budget is greater than â‚ ¬20,000 and the average wedding far in excess of that!
Now I am just wondering†¦ will the boys wax for their Honeymoon?