12 reasons why you should marry in the winter

Who said wedding season was over? Winter is the season preferred by those mad romantics looking for glamorous, cosy fairy tale weddings. These are a dozen reasons why you should marry in the winter:

1-Christmas decorations. They are one of the main reasons people should marry in the winter. Everything looks glossy and perfect. Lights and music are everywhere. On top of that, it will save you a good amount of euros in venue decorations.

2-Intimate and warm venues. Get a venue with an open fire.

3-Romantic. Those looking for a ‘fairy tale’ wedding should marry in the winter.

4-Valentine’s day.

5-The drinks: Mulled wine, hot whisky and hot port.

6-Clothes. Bright colours are perfect for adding some fun to winter weddings. Brides will also feel great in their gowns covered by an elegant shroud. Winter brides have the perfect excuse to get wrapped up whereas summer and spring brides usually face the dilemma of getting summery gowns when the weather might not be too warm!

7-The best honeymoons: they are usually cheaper than summer time; if you are interested in beach life it is great to escape to a warm country in the middle of the winter and winter honeymoons are fantastic if you are a ski or snowboard lover.

8-Photography light. Winter days have the most beautiful and sharp light for wedding pictures.

9-Winter flowers are lovely and rich coloured: tulips, lilies, lilac†¦

10-Chocolate favours (people’s favourites) will not melt!

11-For seafood and shellfish lovers. Months with R (September until April) are the best months to eat good seasonal shellfish. In the summer months the best you will get is farmed products (if you are lucky!).

12-Snow and frosty days. If you can have your wedding celebrated on a snowy place that will definitely be the best white wedding. Otherwise, a nice crisp Irish winter day can also be great!

Celebrity fans of winter weddings:

-Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
-Mel B and Eddie Murphy. They have reportedly bought their wedding invitations. This wedding is almost as secretive as TomKat’s. Somewhere†¦ at some stage, this winter. Since she is four months pregnant†¦ they’d better hurry up.

-Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. They might get married in January 2007.

-Madonna and Guy Ritchie. They got married in New Year’s Eve up in the Scotland’s Highlands.