11 steps to choose the right videographer

Award-winning videographer and filmmaker Richard Finlay, from Bride & Groom Films, gives us exclusive tips to help couples choose the right videographer for the big day:


View sample DVDs. The work itself is the most important thing. You must like the work of the videographer. What could be more important than this?
Regarding the work itself: does it flow smoothly, like a film, or is there an amateurish quality to it? What is the framing and composition like? Is it shaky or steady? What are the colours like? Is the bride’s dress supposed to be orange? ;-) Are there excessive pans and zooms that take you out of the experience?


2-Get a professional
Your friends and relatives are NOT professional videographers. This blunt sentence will save you heartbreak in the future.


Do you get the feeling that the videographer is a professional with a good reputation? Can you view a website with testimonials before requesting a sample DVD?


Price may or may not be important to you, BUT are you going to feel better about saving that few hundred euros in ten years’ time when you are stuck with an embarrassing wedding video?


5-Will the videographer you book actually be the person shooting your wedding video?
Ask who will be shooting and editing your wedding video. After all, if you like someone’s work based on a sample DVD, it’s not much good if the videographer’s cameraman-for-hire straight out of college turns up.


If you have a vision of what you want your wedding video to be, make sure you communicate that to the videographer BEFORE your wedding. The day only happens once! There’s no second takes.


7-Book in advance
If you know the videographer you want, book as soon as possible, or he/she WILL be booked by the time you get back to them. The good ones book up very far in advance.


Any reputable videographer will use wireless microphones for the ceremony, speeches and dancing. It is important to hear things properly.


9-Unobtrusive videos
Every videographer will say they are unobtrusive. Take a look at their samples. Do they run around people with the camera on the dance floor? Will they be a distraction in the church? There is no way to know for sure unless you phone or e-mail them and have a chat about how they work under such circumstances.


Make sure your wedding videographer has back-up equipment in case something goes wrong. Remember, there’s no second takes!


11- Graphics and Music
Some people think that they want flashy graphics and titles, but these can date very quickly. If music for your video is important to you, ask your videographer about the options available. After a visit to the videographer’s website, and if you look carefully, all of your questions should be answered there.


Two last quick tips to couples:


Ask your priest to use a microphone during the speeches, not only so people in the church can hear the vows, but that you also get better sound on your video. During your rehearsal ask your priest to bring you up behind the altar when lighting the candles, so you can face your guests in the church AND the videographer and photographer.


Other than this: if you are sure that you have chosen a professional wedding videographer whose work you like and who you are confident in, then there is no reason to worry. Enjoy your day and leave the capturing of your wedding memories in the hands of competent professionals. You will get what you pay for…in most cases.


For more information, you can visit www.brideandgroom.ie