10 greatest wedding movies

They are inspiration and moral support for Grooms and Brides-to-be. They make us cry, laugh or both. The best wedding movies ever made can help you forget your own wedding planning troubles. Leave your leaflets on cakes and gowns for a second and grab your popcorn.

1-”Four weddings and a funeral”. If you don’t feel you will enjoy the last bit, we can leave it as “Four weddings†¦” and skip the rest†¦

2-”Moonson wedding”. Funny, colourful and classy. Good film and even better inspiration if you are thinking of an Indian themed wedding.

3-”The Wedding date”. What would happen if a desperate single girl would hire a male escort to pose as her boyfriend at her sister’s wedding? It’s not your case, but it is always good to know.

4-”My big fat Greek wedding”. Another multicultural wedding, featuring language barriers, interesting traditions and all those funny things about being different.

5-”American Wedding”. Third film in the American Pie series. Jim and Michelle are getting married so their families and friends get together to celebrate. And†¦ surprise! Some of them are Irish. Easy watching and funny.

6-”Muriel’s wedding”. One of the most famous Aussie comedy-tragedy-dramas, with lots of ABBA songs. It will not help you plan your wedding but it is definitely a “must watch”. Sweet.

7-”Meet the fockers”. Comparisons are awful†¦ but they could also be hilarious! Don’t watch it with your in-laws-to-be, unless they have a very good sense of humour.

8-”About Sdmith”. This is not just about weddings but also about what comes way after the Big Day. Jack Nicholson at his best. Remarkable.

9-”The honeymooners”. Irish-style honeymooning with beautiful Donegal scenery. Also, this film has been considered the first Irish “dogma” movie.

10-”Runnaway Bride”. If you have already watched all the previous films and now you are having second thoughts†¦ you would better see this! Or†¦ maybe you shouldn’t!