Lingerie for the Wedding Day


Choosing The Right Lingerie For Your Wedding Gown You’ve found your perfect wedding gown and you look like the fairytale princess of your dreams. But now you have to find your lingerie and you feel the panic start to rise. Where do you start? Ultimately your bridal lingerie is what offers the invisible support that […]

Choose The Perfect Bridal Lingerie For Your Wedding Day & Beyond


Can’t stop dreaming about the wedding gown you have finally chosen to wear on your wedding day? For most women, shopping around for their wedding gown and all the bridal accessories can be the most exciting part of the lead up to their wedding reception. There’s one important part of a bride’s apparel that often […]

Underneath It All, The Perfect Wedding Lingerie


Want to make your wedding and honeymoon truly memorable? Then think of your choice of lingerie as a “hers and his” arrangement: something beautiful and chic for you, and something sexy and alluring for him. For wearing under your wedding gown, you’ll want something that strikes the right balance among comfort, control and sex appeal. […]

Lingerie Secrets Lie Underneath A Wedding Dress


With all the calories that accompany pre-wedding celebrations, many a bride-to-be has found herself in this nightmare: Despite all the dieting and exercising, there’s still too much bulge in the hips and waist. How are you going to look great in that fabulous wedding dress? Don’t despair. Assuming that you’ve chosen the right gown for […]

Common Problems with Bra Sizing

Problem: Under wire digging in under the armpit.Explanation: Your cup is too small, the under wire should encase the breast not dig into it.Solution: You need a bra with a bigger cup size. Problem: Indents in the shoulder where the straps have dug in.Explanation: Your bra is too big in the back and not big […]

Bridal Lingerie Considerations

You’ve bought the dress, planned the hair and matched the flowers. You’ve booked the makeup, timing the tan, had the manicure, pedicure, hangovercure – basically you’ve organised everything about your appearance on the big day, or have you?   It is not enough to look beautiful on the outside, your underwear – or more rightly […]

Buying Bridal Lingerie

When you are planning a wedding, make sure you give yourself enough time to purchase your bridal lingerie, especially if you’re doing lingerie shopping online. Sometimes the items online go out of stock, or a product line becomes discontinued. Wedding lingerie should be purchased early enough that you can try it on and return it […]