Too Pretty To Eat – The Wedding Cake


What is it that is the second most important detail of a wedding after only the bridal gown? What is it that all of the guests, young and old, male and female will remember several years down the line when all else is forgotten? Your wedding cake! Traditional tiered wedding cakes have set the stage […]

Spitting Pig BBQ’s


Spitting Pig BBQ’s can be found at As a company we are based in Cork but operate all over the island of Ireland. We are by far the largest Hog Roast BBQ Company operating in Ireland. We source all our products from local Irish farms and suppliers. Given these challenging economic times that we […]

Wedding Food In Different Countries


When we look back at weddings we’ve attended, there are certain aspects of each wedding that make us remember it. It could be the speeches, the guests, the wedding theme, or the food that was served. Food is an important element in weddings and depending on where you are in the world, weddings are a […]

A Tea Reception

tea reception

Having a tea reception on your wedding day may be one of the best ways to save money on your wedding reception. Compared to serving dinner or lunch, creating a tea reception will significantly lessen your wedding costs. Venue You might be wondering where you can hold a tea reception. Well, there are a number […]

Some Less Expensive Catering Ideas

Some Less Expensive Catering Ideas

Most couples today want to spend wisely and make most out of their wedding budget. Food and drinks, for the most part, take the largest chunk of that budget. We all want to offer our guests a wedding feast that they can remember but not all of us can afford lavish dinners or elaborate buffets. […]

Questions to Ask your Caterer


The wedding reception is all about good food and good times. Aside from entertaining guests, you want yourself and your guests to have a very hearty meal. Because food is not only important but also quite expensive, taking up 50% of your wedding expenses, you’ll have to make it worth the cost. Follow this guide […]

5 Hot Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter wedding tips

Summer, Autumn, and Spring are great seasons to have a wedding, but your wedding can be equally “hot” in Winter. First consideration is the colour, or lack thereof. Reds and greens may be a good combo, but it is more seasonal than ideal. Less is better for winter, with silver and white crystal accents to […]

Winter Wedding Cake Tips

Winter wedding cake

The emphasis of every wedding reception, the wedding cake has to be perfect and is a reflection of how beautiful your wedding is. This is why you always have to be perfect. Here are some tips to keep your wedding reception highlight as gorgeous as your wedding. What's your flavour? For a winter wedding, choose […]

How to Order the Wedding Cake

2 Tiered Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are often fancy and elaborate, designed with intricate designs that match a wedding's theme. And this is understandable. The wedding cake is the focal point of the wedding reception, the fancier the wedding, the fancier the cake. These cakes may be considered as works of art. It takes significant effort and time to […]

Create A Wedding Feast Fit For Royalty


Some wedding decisions are dictated by convention, family tradition or even public law. When it comes to the wedding meal, however, the menu is all up to the happy couple! A wedding meal can be anything from a light brunch to an elaborate, formal sit-down dinner - and anything in between. The best idea for […]