Open Bar, Open Wounds


Many couples choose to have an open bar at their wedding. While this may seem like a generous gesture it is also an expensive and dangerous tradition. Irrespective of the occasion, free flowing alcohol inevitably gives rise to a multitude of situational problems. Before choosing this option, weigh the consequences closely. Consider the Risks An […]

Unusual Wedding Drinks To Delight Your Guests


As your wedding day approaches, there are plenty of opportunities to entertain your well-wishers: engagement party, bridal shower, hen and stag parties, to name just a few. With all these opportunities, why not create a special menu of wedding drinks that will surprise and delight your guests? Whatever the wedding occasion, from engagement party to […]

Fun Cocktails Save On Traditional Wedding Drinks!


Sticking to a budget for your wedding reception can be tough. Pondering the cost of an open bar can give both bride and groom a headache long before their wedding night. Instead of an “anything goes” approach to wedding drinks, offer your guests beer and wine, Champagne for wedding toasts, and then serve a signature […]

Your own wedding wine labels

If you are finding it difficult to choose the wine for your wedding reception and, on top of that, there is no way you can match the bottles with your colour scheme, why not designing your own labels? is an Irish company that commercializes customized wine and champagne for special occasions. You can […]

What causes Hangovers?

What causes hangovers? We get the lowdown on what they are, what causes them and how best to avoid (minimise!) the effects. Taken from Ireland’s multi-award-winning independent health website, Irish Health, we recommend this site for all your health queries coming up to the big day. H is for Hangovers Everyone who has ever had […]

Galician wines for exquisite weddings

Reds or whites. Galicia’s splendid wines are the best treat for your wedding guests.Clean, fruity and fresh. This is weddingsireland’s guide to the best juices of green Galicia. There are five wines in Galicia with ‘Denominacion de Orixe’ (An ‘Origin certificate’, prove of quality): Ribeiro, Valdeorras, RÃ ­as Baixas, Ribeira Sacra e Monterrei. -Ribeiro: Some […]

Portable Keg Bar is the best choice for any party

North West people like to party but now they can party in the comfort of their own home and still have the luxury of being able to pour an ice-cold draught beer for themselves or their friends thanks to portable Keg Bar.   The Keg Bar is a portable, attractive and affordable, self-contained beer dispensing […]

Vendimia – Ireland’s premiere outlet for the finest wedding wine from Argentina

Welcome to Vendimia, Ireland’s premiere wine supplier outlet for the finest wines available from Argentina.   In Argentina, Vendimia means harvest of the vines. A magical time that renews the hope of winegrowers and harvesters alike. We celebrate the vendimia with pride and heart. It is a feast for the ones that made it possible […]

Tea or Coffee?

Generally the classic Irish response to any visitor is â€ËœSure I’ll put the kettle on for a cuppa’. Both tea and coffee are refreshing drinks that perk you up on their own or after mealtimes. However, many of us wonder what quantities we should ideally be drinking and indeed if they are any good for […]

Gossard Enter an Elegant Era for Spring Summer 2006

This season showcases a new generation of lingerie, as Gossard introduce their Spring Summer 06 collection, unveiling it as the most sophisticated and elegant lingerie to be seen in. Gossard’s Spring Summer collection sees the introduction of a stunning use of colour, detail, and shape, which combines to create an elegant lingerie look in keeping […]