How to Look Half a Stone Lighter on Your Wedding Day


Looking great on your wedding day is your number one goal. As much as possible, you will want to feel relaxed, radiant, ready and half a stone lighter on your wedding day. How you look in your wedding dress is a part of becoming a bride. Even if you have the perfect hair, makeup, dress […]

Be Realistic About A Wedding Diet


Frantic to lose some pounds before your wedding? No matter what the ads for pills, tonics or fad diets might tell, there’s only one way to lose weight safely, and that’s a combination of nutritious eating and regular exercise. Most of us know the basics of watching our weight: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, […]

Apple Cider for Weight Loss

New Nordic Apple Cider 600 – The 100% Natural Way to Help You Shift those Stubborn Pounds – a Natural Wonder Apple cider vinegar has traditionally been used for weight loss and cholesterol control. Apple cider vinegar has been used with success since as far back as the ancient Egyptians. It has been used for […]

Using Science to tackle Weight loss

Using Science to tackle Weight loss It’s a common enough complaint; someone joins the gym and at first through diligent attendance and hard graft, weight loss is achieved and the person is delighted. Then, some time later, despite regular gym work and participation in classes, the weight loss stalls or even begins to creep up […]

ThinkYourself Thin- Using NLP to shed the pounds

Think Yourself Thin – Using NLP to shed the pounds There is no magic pill or portion to lose weight despite the billions of dollars that is poured into research and marketing weight reduction products. Each person’s weight is unique to them and their ability to increase or reduce their weight is also a factor […]

New fitness concepts for brides and grooms-to-be

Wedding countdowns usually mean a battle against those extra pounds. With so many things to organize, how can you fit exercise into your mad busy schedule? Fitness Concepts is a leading Irish company providing top end equipment for gyms and leisure centres in Ireland. The company is introducing cutting edge fitness equipment to Ireland. Cybex […]

42% of Grooms dieting for their Wedding Day

It’s a well known fact that women don’t take longer than men in the shower anymore. It’s a myth, like saying that women talk more or they like gossip more than men. Now, a survey by UK Wedding magazine reveals that men are also as interested as women in beautifying themselves for their wedding day. […]

Using Science to tackle Weight loss before the big day

It’s a common enough complaint; the ring goes on the fingers and suddenly you have to loose eight pounds before the big day. And this is not something that is a ‘nice-to’do’ this is a ‘must-do’ as the dress is size 12 and there is no wriggle room if those pounds are not shed. So […]